9 December 2022

Xero Tips & Tricks

Anna has let us in on some of her favourite tips to make using Xero even easier.

Save time with the inbuilt calculator

This is a practical tool that many users miss when learning how to use Xero. There is an inbuilt calculator that allows you to perform simple equations directly in certain fields.

Using this calculator decreases the chance of an entry error, not to mention the time you save looking for a calculator.

The inbuilt calculator has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. To use it just type an equation – like 16*1.1 – right into the field. Press enter or tab and Xero calculates the result.

Setup Invoice Reminders

Instead of worrying about following up on your accounts receivable, let Xero take care of it for you. You can setup invoice reminders, configuring Xero to automatically send customer reminders based on how far an invoice is past due.

Under Settings > General Settings > Invoice Settings you will see the Invoice Reminders button. Here you can turn on invoice reminders, and choose from the predetermined days past due or create your own reminder. You can even customise what each reminder email says by clicking on the Edit link. Additionally, Xero has the option to not send reminders for invoices under a specific amount or if you need to get even more specific, you can turn off reminders for a particular customer or invoice.

Create Rules

Create as many rules as possible as this will reduce your bookkeeping time immensely. Xero will recognise these rules when it pulls through the bank feed and automatically suggest how to reconcile for you. For example: every time you shop at ‘Caltex’ Xero will recognise this, and automatically suggest to code this to motor vehicle fuel.

Keep it up to date

To take full advantage of all the benefits and features of Xero you need to keep your data up to date. All bank transactions reconciled regularly, all invoices and bills entered and payroll processed in a timely matter. This means the reports you look at are always showing up to date and live information meaning you can make more informed business decisions. Doing a little bit each day means the job of bookkeeping for your business does not become overwhelming.

Use multiple tabs

Use ‘Ctrl + left click’ or right click and select ‘open in new tab’ to open a new tab in Xero without losing the screen you are currently on. Without this, you will forever be going back and forth between reports and getting frustrated that you can’t see multiple reports at the same time.

Make the most out of the ‘plus’ icon

When you log in to Xero, you will see a little plus icon (+) at the top right of the screen. Although it may seem like such a small detail, this can actually be extremely helpful.

Clicking this icon lets you quickly access several different functions such as creating a new invoice, contact, bill or purchase order. Using this button will make navigating around Xero easier and more time efficient.

Favourite Reports

Xero has many useful reports available. What you may not realise though is that clicking the star next to the report name will add it to your favourites. Making the star blue will add the report to the top section of the report page as well as adding it to the drop-down menu under Accounting. This allows you to easily access your frequently used reports from anywhere in Xero.


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